Roses for Peace

Aim: The aim of this initiative was to spread love and harmony, encourage social cohesion, and dispel myths about Islam and Muslims, while promoting a message of peace.

Description: Every year, on 18 December LMYF, in collaboration with the Leeds Muslim Youth Group, organises handing out 1,000 roses for peace. In light of recent tabloid coverage and negative news stories about Muslims and Islam, LMYF and LMYG prepare the roses in advance, and then hand them out to passers-by and shoppers in Leeds city centre on 18 December. Each rose is tagged with Islamic texts promoting peace. In the past, this event has been covered by the BBC, Shia, and ITV news.

Partners/support: Leeds Muslim Youth Group (LMYG)

How you can get involved: TBC

Feedback/outcomes: Responses were varied, but the vast majority were positive, ranging from surprise to heartfelt appreciation. Some passers-by hugged our volunteers who were handing out the roses and many stopped to talk to the young people about their beliefs. Not all the conversations were particularly easy, but the overall impression we got was that everyone shared the same concerns.

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  • Tuesdays, 6pm - 9pm