Sadaqa Day

Aim: To bring people together from different faiths and backgrounds in the name of charity. Our goal is to work together as one community, compiling food packages for those in Leeds who need them.

Description: Held every year on 26 March, Sadaqa day is a community-focussed event hosted and led by LMYF ambassadors as part of a wider national campaign known as Sadaqa (charity) day. It is up to the ambassadors to organise food donations in the run up to 26 March and with the help of other volunteers, boxes are prepped, taped, filled and sealed with a Sadaqa-day sticker. We made 125 food parcels this year for those in need, as well as wrapping 100 new toys for vulnerable children.

Partners/support: Makkah Masjid, All Hallows Church, PAFRAS, as well as up to 50 volunteers from a wide range of different communities, faiths and ages.

How you can get involved:

  • Share content on social media, keep up-to-date with relevant information via social media on how you can get involved or even start your own project
  • Volunteer on the day
  • Collect food donations and spread the word in the lead up to Sadaqa day
  • Contribute financially
  • Give us your time

Feedback/outcomes: Sadaqa day strengthens the relationship between different organisations and sections of the community, as well as acting as a day of networking and allowing everyone to be part of such a brilliant initiative.

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