Youth Social Acton

Sadaqa Day donations for the vulnerable people supported by PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers)

The LMYF have pledged to support the iWill campaign to encourage and promote the benefits of youth social action. Check out our pledge here.

We aim to;

  • Engage with 100 young people per year across Leeds who will partake regularly in social action within their communities.
  • Develop partnerships with charities, community groups and grass roots projects throughout the year and volunteer our time, raise funds and campaign for issues they are supporting.
  • Work in partnership with a wide range of other organisations to demonstrate the positive role that Muslim Young People across Leeds are playing in their communities through social action.
  • Deliver a wide range of activities driven by young people across Leeds to help others and promote the #iwill campaign to other partners.
  • Work alongside young people of all faiths to deliver inter-faith social action projects to promote social cohesion in Leeds.
  • Nominate young people from LMYF to be #iwill ambassadors for the campaign or to support the campaign’s steering groups.

You can get involved in social action projects happening across Leeds by following us on social media to keep informed with our upcoming activities. Or if you have an idea to better your community that you need support with, get in touch with us.